Today we are featuring the work of the talented duo, Josh and Katie Emrich, of “Emrich Office”. Josh and Katie tackle these designs together while raising 4 kids and a dog from the promised land of Indiana.  What stands out to me is their branding for Turner’s dairy farms and detailed beer labels and packaging.  They did such a great job presenting the designs too, it makes all the difference in showcasing a design!

ckbc_charlie_side_detail gb_sooty_frontck_sr_mcs_pumpkin_db vicieux_front turners_whole_gallon turners_trademark turners_logotype turners_farm_to_bottle turners_cow turners_chocolate_pb_ig turners_assets sbdesignbrawl_undrafted_can_side pale_fire_brewing_id1


You can find their portfolio on their website here, follow them on instagram here, dribble, and on twitter here.



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