29 Best Minimal Logo Design Examples for Your Inspiration

Minimalist approach is the zeitgeist of the modern logo design sphere. Companies around the world prefer simple, message-focused, coherent, basic and concept-oriented logos. A minimal logo always leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of its viewers, and conveys the concept or message of the company. Think of the FedEx logo with the arrow, or the Pepsi logo. How simple yet powerful they are.

I have compiled the best minimal logos for your inspiration. These logos are used by actual companies around the world. These beautiful minimal logos are the embodiment of clean, clever, simple and sharp design approach. Have a look.



logo 15

logo 29

logo 27

logo 26

logo 25

logo 24

logo 28

logo 23

logo 22

logo 21

logo 20

logo 19

logo 18

logo 17

logo 16

logo 14

logo 13

logo 12

logo 11

logo 10

logo 9

logo 8

logo 7

logo 6

logo 5

logo 4

logo 3

logo 2


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