Transforming Glass Bottles into Beautiful Home Décor

We all understand why it’s important to recycle whenever possible. Reusing is also critical to keeping as much debris and trash out of our landfills as possible. Conserving resources is a serious issue, but it can also yield beautiful home décor.

Here’s some inspiration for upcycling glass bottles into beautiful home décor items.


glass bottle photo holders

A group of small clear bottles with sand, shells, and rocks makes a lovely display for photos. Just roll the photograph up and slip it inside the neck of the bottle until it falls through.


glass bottles

glass container for cleaners

Remove the label and use a glass water bottle with a twist top as an upgrade to your ugly containers of cleaner.


wine bottle candle holders

A can of gold spray paint helps anyone turn a wine bottle into a high-class candle holder. Remove the label, paint the bottle, and insert ivory colored taper candles into the tops of several empty wine bottles for a stunning and festive display.



Clean a used glass bottle and invert it for a fun self-dispensing bird feeder.



These upcycled bottles bring interest and high-end design to an otherwise boring wall.


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