Amazing Caravan Yacht by Sealander let’s you travel on land or water

A German company has made a unique sea caravan which is mobile, customizable and has a toilet, sound system, small beds, mini-kitchen and seats. Named “The Sealander,” the caravan is a revolution in the tourism gear industry. The best thing about the Sealander that it is movable on the roads too. That means you can hitch it with your car, travel to the lake or any water picnic spot, unhitch it and move it in the water. There is absolutely no hassle involved in handling and using the Sealander.

With the Sealander, you can save boating costs and low-quality rafting that is rampant on the picnic spots these days. You can order a customized Sealander according to your needs. Have a look at this beauty.

sealander 3

sealander 4

sealander 5

sealander 6

sealander 7

sealander 8

sealander 9

sealander 10

sealander 11

sealander 2

sealander 1



The basic version of this amphibious yacht and vehicle costs around $17,502 USD.

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