Uncork Your Creativity: 10 Must-Try Wine Cork Crafts

Wine bottles are magical. Not only are they filled with, well — wine, you can continue to enjoy them long after their contents are gone.

You can upcycle every part of a wine bottle, from the label to the glass into stunning and even functional pieces of decor you can cherish for a lifetime.

But, of all the potential an empty wine bottle can present, no piece is as versatile as the cork.

Wine corks can be as unique as the wine itself, each bearing the markings of the winery or a deep burgundy stain. Which, makes them perfect for creating unique and elegant crafts.

Ready to put your empty bottles to work? Here are ten must-try wine cork crafts that you’re sure to love.

1. Textured Initial

Monograms or initials make fantastic decorations because they identify a space as being yours. You can create a unique monogram by crafting your initials out of corks.

Start by creating a stencil you can use to lay out the corks to achieve your desired shape. Then gather your corks and place the, standing upright, on the stencil until you’ve filled it in.

Depending on how much time you’d like to spend on this project, you can either hot-glue the corks onto the stencil or to each other.

2. Garden Markers

Whether you have a massive green thumb or a planter in your kitchen window, cork markers are a great way to add a little personality to your garden.

Start by using a nail or drill to create holes in the bottom of your cork. The holes should go roughly halfway through the cork.

Then, shove a thin dowel of your desired length into the hole, and fasten it in place with either hot or super glue. Finally, write the name of the plant you’d like to label along the side of the cork with a permanent marker.

3. Accent Candles

Everyone likes the look of gently flickering candles. But, candles don’t last all that long — and, we don’t even need to mention the risk of fire that comes with burning them.

Fortunately, there are dozens of fake, battery-operated candles available these days that look, more or less, like the real thing. One of the best ways to use fake candles in decorating is by putting them in decorative candle holders that cover them enough to sell the illusion.

Start with two clear-glass hurricane candle holders, one big and one small.

Put the battery operated candle in the small candle holder, then put the entire thing into the large candle holder. Then, fill in the rest of the large candle holder with your corks and enjoy the glow.

4. Personalized Canapes

Nothing goes with wine quite like cheese. And, if you’re going to enjoy some cheese and crackers as you work on your collection of corks, you’re going to need a canape knife.

Start by finding canape knife blanks. These can be easy to find online and include the blade attached to a thin rod and a fastener.

All you need to do to create unique cork canape knives is drill a thin hole just big enough for the rod through your cork. Then, slide the rod through and attach the fastener and enjoy!

5. Mini Christmas Trees

Want to create a whimsical forest to top off your holiday decor? Start with either a thin piece of plain green garland or a few branches of an old fake Christmas tree.

Then, poke a shallow hole in the bottom of your cork to stick the piece of garland or tree you’d like to use. Make sure the bristle are pointing toward the ground to make them look more like actual pine trees.

Fasten the pieces of greenery in place with hot glue and top off with a light dusting of fake snow.

Remember, you can cut the greenery and corks to different lengths to create a rich looking diverse mini forest.

6. Coasters

Need something to put your wine glass on? Creating cork coasters can be a little more challenging than some of the other crafts on this list, but they’re well worth it.

Start by cutting your corks into thirds or fourths, depending on your desired thickness. The trick is to make sure your cork pieces are all the same hight to ensure your coasters are even.

Then arrange your cork circles into the shape of your choice and hot glue them together. Finish your coasters off by gently sanding their tops to get rid of any jagged edges and create a smooth, flat top.

7. Memory Jar

The most uncomplicated craft on this list is also the most meaningful. Start by finding a tall, clear, glass vase and a fine tipped permanent marker and then wait.

Every time an occasion calls for a little wine, save the cork and write the date and maybe a small note about the event on the cork and add it to the vase. Over time you’ll cultivate a vivid collection you can use to remember those happy times whenever you want.

8. Wine Wreath

Let your neighbors know you’re always ready for good wine and conversation with a wreath that’s appropriate for all seasons.

Start with a straw wreath, a hot glue gun and plenty of corks. Then, lay out the corks to determine your ideal arrangement, and glue them into place with the hot-glue gun.

If you’d like, you can finish your wreath with an accent ribbon or some greenery to add a pop of color or reflect the time of year.

9. Place Holders

Placeholders are the best way to avoid any awkward seating arrangements at your next dinner party. And these adorable cork placeholders are sure to make the perfect conversation starters.

Start by cutting a strip off of the side of your cork to create a flat surface this will be the bottom of the placeholder. Then cut a thin slit in the top of the placeholder to hold the place cards.

10. Corkboard

Kill two birds with one stone by upcycling your wine corks and an old picture frame or mirror by making a super creative corkboard.

Start by slicing your corks in half longways, so they have one flat side and one curved side. Then arrange your cork pieces in your empty frame, with the flat side down, and hot glue them into place.

Want to try out a few of these crafts without draining your wine cellar? You can find all the cork you’ll ever need at WidgetCo.

Must-Try Wine Cork Crafts

Wine bottles are home to a fountain of creativity! With these wine cork crafts, you’ll be able to create some ultra-unique gifts and decor everyone is going to love.

Are you looking for more super creative crafts? We can help!

We have dozens of ideas you can try out to add a little individuality to your home. Check out some of our other crafts or send us something you created yourself!

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