Shipping Container Village is Beautiful and Affordable

Thanks to CPH Shelter, affordable housing is a reality in one of the world’s most livable cities; Copenhagen. Their innovative design for a shipping container village uses organic materials and gives used shipping containers a useful second life. This plug-and-play answer to a housing crisis are appropriate for any climate, in any location in the world

Indoor air quality is a high priority for the CPH Shelter designers, and each unit has an award-winning ventilation system with built-in monitors. Natural light streams in through the over-sized windows, contributing to the generous and bright feel of these spaces. CPH Shelter Floor Plan

Large CPH Shelter window

CPH Shelter


CPH Shelter Homes

The carefully designed modular units are easy to upsize into multi-family or multi-generational housing solutions. The sought-after Scandinavian craftsmanship uses eco-friendly materials and clean lines to create spaces that are inviting and easy to live in.

Rooftop terrace

A rooftop terrace for enjoying the outdoors, entertaining, and gardening adds immeasurable value to these homes. Moving the unit is simple, and can be accomplished in less than a day.