Organic – Super Detailed Photo Retouching by Alberto Raviglione and Adele Obice

Wow, this super detailed retouching by Alberto Raviglione and Adele Obice is unbelievable. Just look at that detail! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. The onion retouch is possibly my favorite but has a dark undertone to it.  What do you think about these? Great job Alberto and Adele!

Organic – You are what you eat

Retouching by Cristian GirottoPhotography by Alberto Raviglione and Adele Obice
MUA by Elisa Renoldi and Gloria Cortigiani
Special thanks to Yendri, Aminta, Alessandro, Chiara, Fabio, Marco, Simone, Dado, Olivier.

#branding #graphic design #graphics #photography #retouching

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