Reddit User Takes Other Users’ Posts and Turns Them Into Amazing Movie Posters

There’s no shortage of strange behavior on the popular website, Reddit. Threads on every subject known to mankind exist.

One creative Reddit user grabs images posted by other users and transforms them into amazing movie posters.

Here are a few of this artist’s finished pieces:

sole journies

on the job

the cricket glass

violent tendencies

ice fishing

midnight in massachusetts

You can see the artist’s vision come to life through the movie posters.

Here are some of the photographs before they were altered.

photo of the inside of a rocket

This photograph looks like the inside of an airplane or rocket.

sleeping man

This company photograph is a bit different from the traditional format.

men in fog

This photograph is compelling and intriguing even before it was altered to fit into a movie poster.

boy with ice

This is a really cute picture. After the alteration, it’s much different.


This could be any neighborhood during winter.

pink in winter

This beautiful sunset gets a bit creepy in “Midnight in Massachusetts.”

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