Artists Bring Imaginary Friends to Life at Museum of Childhood in London

Imaginary friends are coming to life for a few lucky children at the Museum of Childhood in London. Inspired by a 2015 workshop during which 60 children were asked to draw pictures of their imaginary friends, list their unique attributes and their name, this exhibit is the brainchild of ad agency AMV BBDO. The artists are model makers Aardman, Psyop, and Becky & Joe. The innovative creators of this project brought a few of the kids’ characters to life. The figures are on display with the children’s’ original drawings, through February 12, 2016.

girl and cat

Lily is a cat with long black and white fur and a pink bow.


One child’s drawing of his imaginary friend, a dinosaur named Nessi, stands over eight feet tall.

girl and Chloe

Chloe is just an ordinary girl, except for her fuchsia skin and third eye peeking through her bangs.

swerl and girl

Swerl the lion looks a lot like a purple flower.



orange dog

Jamie is a fox with wiry whiskers and glasses.

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