James R. Coffron transformed Pokemon characters into nightmarish creatures that will haunt you forever.  The characters show amazing detail and energy. It almost looks like it could be part of a Pokemon movie!

Catch James R. Coffron on his website, buy his prints, or follow him on Instagram.

Here is part of a series of twisted Pokemon. Behold Pikachu!

beedrill_by_jrcoffroniii-d8me64i cloyster_by_jrcoffroniii-d8zu7be exeggutor_by_jrcoffroniii-d9bvcid likitung_by_jrcoffroniii-daba0ms nidoking_by_jrcoffroniii-d8dbf93 pikachu_by_jrcoffroniii-d81vdmq weezing_by_jrcoffroniii-d80dr8r

Here is his creative process:


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