Addictive GIFs Show Artist Squashing and Destroying Yummy, Soft Desserts

It may sound sadistic or bizarre, but squashing and destroying neatly arranged things give a peculiar satisfaction. A Los Angeles-based artist Mar Cuervo has created an amazing series of GIFs showing this unique phenomena. She squashes and destroys tempting and alluring desserts. This GIF series named “Project Destroyer” has gone viral. Cuervo squashes soft, enticing, yummy snacks and desserts like cream cakes, cupcakes, soft chocolate, poptarts and other snacks.
Have a look and enjoy the strange satisfaction!

odd satisfaction desserts 3

gif 5

gif 4

gif 3

gif 2

odd satisfaction desserts 8

odd satisfaction desserts 7

odd satisfaction desserts 6

odd satisfaction desserts 4

Cuervo says that she has found a way to channelize her inner rage and dissatisfaction. This is indeed a unique way to dissipate stress.

What do you think of Cuervo’s destruction of food?

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