Featured Artist – Christian Watson – 1-15-16


Every Friday we feature remarkable talent from around the world in our Designer Spotlight. ‪The #‎didesignerspotlight‬ archive can be found on Instagram.

This week we feature Christian Watson (@1924us -instagram), an artist so creative it’s tough to place him under one category. Each post he creates conveys his true passion and sincerity through a powerful image coupled with a captivating caption.

“It’s all about perspective, what you see sometimes isn’t as important as how you see it. Sometimes things look clearer the further you get… Don’t forget the big picture and don’t sweat the details.”

“I get asked a lot what I do for a job. And the realest answer seems to be whatever someone might need done.”

“Branding is the process of creating a visual identity for a company – a logo, a voice, an explorative way of personifying an entire person or business with the few strokes of a pen. I do this 100% by hand. No tablets, just straight pen to paper, the old school way.” – Christian Watson

Explore Christian’s work:
Website + Shop: http://1924.us

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